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Our Home AV Services:

Assessments - Want to upgrade but not sure what you need? We can come to your place and check what you already have, discuss what you really want out of your AV equipment and create an upgrade plan, without the bias of a shop salesperson as we're not trying to sell you our equipment.

Installation - Once you've made you purchases, we can come back to help you get it all setup, make sense of & tidy up all those wires. If you've been sold the wrong thing, we can also tell you if you need to take it back to the store within the refund period.

System Checks - Got your gear but not sure its connected correctly or to it's full potential? Something doesn't quite seem right but you're not sure what? Get us in to do a system check for you! We can make sure that everything is connected up the way it should be and test your cables.

Buyer Assistance - If you're really confused with all the options or if shop sales staff are trying to get you to buy items you don't need or that won't suit your requirements, then our buyer assistance service may be what you need. After an assessment, we come with you to the appliance shops when you go to make your purchases. It's kind of like having your own sales person, except we're not trying to get you to buy our product from our store because we're not pad on commission, we're paid by you the consumer directly. You also get to talk to the same person from store to store.

Take Home - If you're using our buyer assistance service and don't think you'll have room in your vehicle for the equipment you're getting, then we can take it home for you in our vehicle, usually for a much better rate than the delivery fees most stores charge.

Q: What about installation services the appliance shops sell?
A: Well, you pay a one off fee and have someone come to our house to get your equipment working or you. That's fine, but who do you call after they've gone and something's not working? That's where we are different. We can keep coming back, and if we're already aware of what you want out of your system from our assessment service or previous installs, we'll be able to ensure you actually get what you want.

Q: What are your rates?
A: It varies from client to client, as some systems are much more complicated than others. If you live in Feilding, an assessment could be as low as $15+GST!

Q: What areas do you provide home AV services?
A: From in Feilding, Manawatu we cover the lower North Island especially Ashhurst, Palmerston North, Feilding & Pohangina.

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